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Property Marketing has gone from Digital Adopter to Digital Native

Property marketing lives in a complex digital space.

44% of homebuyers in 2017 will have purchased a home they found by using the Internet. This is our speciality – creating holistic campaigns delivering the most effective message to evoke the most inspired emotions. Depending on your budget and goals, we can tailor a campaign that involves social media, apps, SEO and web development.

Generate more than “buzz”. Generate strong leads that convert to solid sales. Our experience in property marketing guarantees a targeted message to the best market.

Once upon a time we waited for the phone to ring. The way we generate leads has changed. While consumers undoubtedly still call and still walk through the door to speak to someone in person, it’s now more likely that the first enquiry is made digitally.

Digital property marketing is all about delivering a message. Now, more than ever before, we have the tools at our disposal to reach the largest amount of people possible. We can twist the parameters of our market with the click of a button; we can reach right into someone’s home and speak to them directly from the screen of their phone.

Then we can measure our effectiveness. How many people did we reach, how many clicked, how many enquired; we can track them all the way from initial interest to purchase. Digital marketing is measurable media.

As always, real estate is an increasingly competitive market. It isn’t just enough to be familiar with the online habitat; these days if you’re not at the forefront, you’re nowhere.

Nurturing is, of course, involved in the process. If we don’t build consumer relationships then our campaigns are doomed to fail. Especially in the case of social media, brands are expected to reach out and to show personality. It’s all a part of the buying experience.

Unlike traditional marketing, digital can prove a very cost effective medium. Pay-per click advertising, Google AdWords and SEO’s all offer cheap but effective alternatives of driving traffic in your direction. It’s a matter of making the creating work for you.