Christmas Campaign Success!

When a gesture of community spirit is all that is needed!

We just finished an extremely successful Christmas immersive event for Spring Creek Beaudesert. It was the perfect opportunity for Spring Creek to become active in the community, adding traditional value and a sense of belonging, while demonstrating a genuine interest in the town and its people. We captured attention via social media and for $80 we generated 100,000+ impressions in 15 days!


1 – Christmas Lights and Decorations

Beaudesert loves Christmas! The local Beaudesert community have a strong passion for Christmas, each year covering the town with tinsel, bunting, decorations and yarn covered benches, trees and power poles. Their dedication to Christmas even won them a Community Event of the Year award for their Light up Beaudesert event.

The Spring Creek Sales Office and entrance were decorated in Christmas lights and decorations to encourage the local community to drive through the estate and see how it is progressing. In keeping with the small town theme, we included a 3 metre Santa made out of Hay bales that was donated by a local business, Hay 2 U. In addition, there were candy canes lining the main boulevard entrance, Santa’s legs sticking out of a chimney,¬† reindeers, gingerbread people, lots of lights and more at the Sales Office. Night time was when the real fun started with out solar lights a glow.


  • Increased awareness of Spring Creek within the local greater community
  • Strengthened the relationship with the local community
  • Demonstrated a positive brand reputation
  • Encouraged out of town visitors to visit the estate
  • Added to the local Christmas spirit and community experience
  • Put smiled on a lot of people of all different ages


2 – Win a Christmas Hamper Competition

How many gingerbread people can you count? People needed to visit the estate to count and enter the competition to win a Christmas hamper filled with locally acquired goodies.

To further engage with the locals, we ran a competition to win a Christmas Hamper with products from local Scenic Rim businesses. The competition was advertised on a billboard at the Sales Office to capture the attention of people visiting the estate. To drive traffic to the Spring Creek social media pages, a QR code was used on the billboard that linked to a Facebook post where you entered the competition. The competition was also advertised across social media through organic and paid posts and a blog post.


  • 230 blog post visitors
  • 112 competition entrants
  • Support from local businesses in the Scenic Rim
  • Strengthened our relationship with the local community
  • Provided a positive brand experience


3 – Social Media

Organic and paid social media campaigns were deployed to directly speak and engage with the local community. We utilised SEQ media and local Facebook groups to share our content and connect with people to increase awareness and engagement with our competition.


  • 100,000 organic impressions from local members of the community
  • 1,500 paid impressions
  • 121 new followers
  • 1,500 engagements on social media
  • Increase in a retargeting audience for future marketing campaigns
  • Engagement with local businesses and local community members