Welcome to marketing warfare

Well, it’s happening all over again. Fear and panic. Nobody seems to know what’s
going to happen next. To spend or not to spend? That is the question on
everyone’s mind.

From MAMA’s point of view, there is still going to be a consumer who is willing
to buy. The question is how to get that consumer to buy.

Here’s where the artisans of the ad business come into play. No longer are clients
or consumers looking at bland, generic communication that relies on the weight
of spending instead of relevant content and messaging that pulls.

What everyone should be looking at is a Return on Investment. You spend a
dollar to get x dollars back. That’s why advertising was created to: sell a product.
Be it through Digital, Print, TV or Radio, the goal is the same.

The market is returning to a Retail Branding focus. A great brand sells authentic
promises that connect emotionally to the consumer and follow a well-planned
creative strategy. The complete Retail Brand experience doesn’t stop at a logo or
shopping bag but is woven throughout the consumer experiences.

The consumer will be demanding much more. Be prepared to give then give
some more.

Welcome to marketing warfare. Nothing will be the same. Success will come to
those strategic thinkers who understand the market place and the consumers
mindset. The battleground will be litter with those who don’t adhere to these

The Corona Virus will prove to be a real game-changer across all product
categories. Arm yourself.