25 Years of Google Search

In 2023, Google Search celebrates its 25th anniversary, symbolising a quarter-century of connecting users with information. Everything starts with a search, and comprehending the dynamics of the real estate market holds paramount significance for real estate agents and developers. One powerful tool for gauging this rhythm is the analysis of search queries, providing valuable insights into the preferences and priorities of potential buyers. Leveraging these insights can pave the way for informed decisions and targeted strategies in the dynamic world of real estate. We have analysed the 2023 Google search data for queries “house for sale”, “land for sale” and “apartments for sale” and have discovered some interesting insights.

Just as Queensland experiences seasonal shifts, so does its real estate search landscape. One clear trend emerges from the data, “house for sale” consistently claims the top spot among the three search queries. The data indicate that it is the undisputed champion, capturing the highest share of interest from prospective buyers in Queensland.

The Top 10 most popular suburb related search queries:


While houses dominate the search landscape, “land for sale” queries experienced fluctuations throughout the year, but generally maintained a steady overall search volume. This suggests a moderate and relatively stable level of interest compared to houses, reflecting the diverse preferences of the real estate market.

The Top 10* most popular suburb related search queries:


In contrast, “apartment for sale” achieved consistently lower search volumes than houses and land. Certain months, such as March 2023, witness a notable dip, indicating a fluctuating interest in apartment listings. This could be attributed to various factors, including market dynamics or changing buyer preferences.

The Top 7 most popular suburb related search queries: