Australia’s $10 Billion Legacy Landscape

Inheritance is a topic often associated with emotions ranging from grief to relief, but one aspect that deserves careful consideration is what you can do with it. In Australia alone, an astonishing $10 billion worth of shares, cash, and property is bequeathed every month and it is expected to total around $3.5 trillion by 2025 (source: Australian Financial Review). With such a substantial influx of assets, the opportunities for those to enhance their financial future, support causes they care about, and leave a lasting legacy are plentiful.

Inheritance typically comes in various forms, including cash, property, investments, and personal possessions. While the specifics can vary greatly from one individual to another, the fundamental principles of managing inheritance remain constant. Whether you’ve inherited a modest sum or a considerable fortune, prudent planning can make all the difference in maximising its impact.

For many, the immediate instinct upon receiving an inheritance is to ensure financial security. This might involve paying off debts, establishing or bolstering emergency funds, or investing for long-term growth. With proper financial planning, your inheritance can serve as a catalyst for achieving your monetary goals, whether it’s early retirement, funding education, or purchasing a home.

Property inheritance opens doors to various opportunities, from rental income to property development. Whether you choose to become a landlord, renovate and sell for profit, or diversify into commercial real estate, strategic decisions can amplify your returns. Real estate investment requires careful consideration of factors such as location, market trends, and potential rental yields.