Brisbane Shines as the Leading City for Quality Living and Investment in 2024

Brisbane has once again proven itself to be an exceptional place to live and invest in property. The 2024 Happy City Index, compiled by the London-based Institute for Quality of Life, has awarded Brisbane a ‘gold rating,’ making it the only Australian city to achieve such a prestigious accolade. This recognition places Brisbane at number 21 worldwide, a remarkable achievement that underscores its appeal as a vibrant, liveable city.

The Happy City Index evaluates 250 cities globally based on governance, environment, economy, and mobility, and their impact on residents’ happiness. Brisbane’s impressive ranking stands in stark contrast to other major Australian cities, with Melbourne at 41, Perth at 61, Hobart at 87, and Sydney at 116. This significant lead highlights Brisbane’s unique strengths and the quality of life it offers.

Key Factors Behind Brisbane’s High Ranking

Several factors have contributed to Brisbane’s standout performance in the Happy City Index:

  1. Outdoor and Active Lifestyle: Brisbane’s residents enjoy a lifestyle enriched by numerous outdoor activities. The city’s extensive network of parks, bike paths, and recreational facilities encourages an active, healthy way of living.
  2. Balmy Weather and Natural Beauty: With its consistently pleasant weather, Brisbane offers an ideal climate for year-round outdoor enjoyment. The proximity to stunning beaches and natural attractions enhances its allure.
  3. World-Class Culinary Scene: Brisbane’s diverse food scene, featuring a blend of local and international cuisines, has been recognized as world-class. This culinary richness adds to the city’s cultural vibrancy.
  4. Economic Opportunities: Brisbane’s robust economy provides ample opportunities for employment and investment, making it an attractive destination for professionals and entrepreneurs alike.
  5. Mobility and Governance: The city excels in mobility, with efficient public transportation and bike-friendly streets making commuting easy and environmentally friendly. Strong governance ensures that the city’s growth and development are managed sustainably and equitably.

Brisbane’s gold rating in the 2024 Happy City Index is a testament to its exceptional liveability and appeal. As the only Australian city to receive such high recognition, Brisbane stands out as the premier city for living and investment in 2024. Whether you’re looking to move, invest, or simply explore, Brisbane offers a welcoming and enriching environment that is hard to beat.