Conversational Marketing: The Essential Business Tool

Communicating with your audience is no longer a one way street, as you talk to your audience they instantly talk back. This is why it is so important to integrate Conversational Marketing into your advertising strategy.

What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational Marketing is advertising that directly talks to your audience through AI such as live chat, chatbots, voice assistants and more. This can be delivered through websites, social media, paid advertising or smart home devices like Google Home. Brands can now have meaningful connections, evoke genuine conversations and establish real relationships with their audiences any day, any time and anywhere. Better yet, these conversational marketing practices are not just limited to Facebook messenger or website chats, but any advertisement can achieve this through a conversational landing page.


Traditional marketing strategies are generally forced on the consumer and therefore lack the ability to interact genuinely and respond instantly to their feedback or questions. Bombarding the consumer with blanket personalisation will no longer work and is outdated. Your customers can see straight through in-genuine and pushy sales tactics. Now, it’s all about making that personal and genuine connection with your audience.


The development of technology has changed our expectation of communication times. Experiences are shared instantly, planning catchups with friends are instantaneous and connecting with family is just a tap of a button away. Google reported that 27% of the global online population is using voice search on mobile and it is only expected to continue to grow.


So what does this mean for those in the property industry? First, you must actively listen and be a part of conversational marketing, establishing one-on-one communication with your audience. Ask the right questions, on the right platforms at the right times and move qualified leads faster through the sales funnel.


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