No one day is ever the same

What a crazy world this business of advertising is.

You seriously got to be nuts to work in the business.

If you are dysfunctional, it helps.
If you are creative, that’s a big plus.
If you love having fun as well as working hard, even better.
If you have all of the above, welcome to the mad mad world of advertising.

Early mornings & late nights. Thinking about clients’ advertising campaigns 24/7.

Will it work? Should it work? When will it work? I know it will work.

The committee in your head is always overworked.
Strategy …tick. Creative… tick. Execution …tick.
No one day is ever the same. Espresso pods pop in the sleek coffee machine frequently. Adrenaline rushes. Four (or was it five) coffees into the day and the creative juices are pumping. A great day to ignore calls. Ideas flow. Brainstorming peeks.

Your mind is like a washing machine with too much mental detergent splashing
away. Finally, a great idea! Your heart jumps a beat. Ideas executed! Clients ecstatic! You exhausted!

Evenings end. Scotch in hand elated and a unique sense of gratification.

Welcome to the crazy world of Advertising… that’s fun